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Adding UTM Parameters to your newsletters isn't increasing CTR. It prevents you from using non-performant CTAs and makes you do better decisions.

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UTM Parameter Builder for Email Marketing

Key benefits of using UTM Parameters in email

Do A/B testing


Find out which CTA version works the best!

Track Conversions


Determine exactly which source led to the conversion.

Optimize Budget


Get insights on what brings money and what doesn't.


If my newsletter contains a link, do I have to worry that my customers will see a "bad-looking" link with UTM parameters appended to the URL?

Don’t worry, they don’t. When coding/programming a newsletter, your programmers can handily show a "clean link" to the user, whereas the link will point to the web address containing UTM Parameters. This is also a common practise.

What happens, if I will not include UTM parameters on CTAs in my email newsletter?

Nothing. But if your boss or you by yourself will ask, whether that singe CTA within your email worked, you will have no other option than to either to fool your boss (you may do that), but eventually you will only fool yourself, because you did not tracked them at all.

Can I use UTM Parameters as a form of A/B testing?

Certainly! Imagine this, you regularly send a friday newsletter recap of what happened this week. Inside that newsletter you are having a call to action with a text “Learn more” - AND SINCE YOU’RE USING UTM PARAMETERS - you know, its CTR is only 2%. Bad newsletter? Maybe. But maybe not - what if better wording would be “READ MORE”, or “FIND OUT MORE”?

Plan it accordingly. For example at the beginning of a new month, just try each week a different call to action and test results.

Still not believing? The next time you’re seeing an ad about signing up for the dating app for example - imagine their CTA would be “ADD TO CART” instead of “USE APP”. Would you click it? Didn't think so. Is this example exaggerated? Yes, but it illustrates the point. :)

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Read more in our FAQ about UTM tracking basics.

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