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UTM Parameter Builder for Social Media Marketing

Key benefits of using UTM Parameters in social media

Cross-channel tracking


Track performance of a single campaign from multiple sources directly in Google Analytics.

Normalized insights


See everything inside Google Analytics instead of Facebook Ads Manager, Twitter Ads or LinkedIn Ads separately!

360° campaign view


What brought the most conversations? What led to the purchase? Where users drop? Google Analytics has got your back!


How do I track a campaign that will be launched on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?

Campaign Source will be set to facebook, twitter or instagram and Campaign medium will be set as social for each 3 links.

Should I use CPC or SOCIAL as campaign medium when sharing on social media?

For all social media links (facebook, instagram, twitter, reddit, vkontakte...) you should use social.

It is because cpc is always labelled as Paid search in Google Analytics and it can screw up your reports :)
Check out the screenshot below showing incorrect tagging, that resulted in screwed up channel grouping in Google Analytics.

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